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Providing automatic climate control and real time monitoring  - both local and remote


CannonEnvironmental encompasses a range of fan units and modules from simple unmanaged fan systems to high power temperature controlled water cooled cabinets for the most arduous situations.






  • Low noise PWM fan control (52dB), 5000m³/hr, long life bearings
  • 6 temperature 'zones' front and rear
  • Condensate recovery, leak detection
  • CannonCheck 'walk by' display, shows cabinet temperatures, water conditions, and alarms
  • CannonGuard system integrated to monitor all functions and provide local and remote alarms
  • 10Kw, 15Kw, 20Kw and 25Kw single cabinet solutions
  • 50Kw and 75Kw dual cabinet solutions.


Water Cooled Systems

High density data centers and computing require the most resilient of systems. Cannon's range of water cooled cabinets allows high power equipment to be deployed into almost any environment.

Air/Water and Cabinet Fully Closed Loop Solutions

  • Installed onto the floor with no load on the computer room air-conditioning (CRAC )and totally self contained except the chilled water.
  • Available as single 'stand alone' cabinets and cross-flow double cabinets. Both side mount (200mm) and rear door solutions available.


Air /Water 'Open Loop' Solutions

In these solutions the air from the cold aisle is used to cool the cabinet and the exhaust air is chilled before returning to the hot aisle at the same temperature or cooler. Also 'Cold Aisle' cabinets may be deployed to supplement the CRAC system.
10Kw - 50Kw solutions available. Features as for closed loop solutions.


Options and Management

CannonGuard monitors the system at all times and may be interfaced to a BMS using SNMP or relays.


Water Control:

  • Servo valves (0-10V) with bypass and flow meters may be fitted to ensure most efficient running of the system
  • Chilled water temperature may be over 14°C if lower heat loads are evident.
  • Automatic water shutoff and door opening mechanisms may be implemented for maximum resilience

Please contact the Cannon Sales Team for technical assistance with your requirements.



  • 10Kw - 75Kw solutions
  • Low noise / power PWM fan systems
  • 48Vdc SELV class II PSU, 500W. (IEC C14 plug)
  • Multi zone temperature sensing
  • 'Walk by' cabinet status display
  • Servo valve water flow control, closed loop
  • Automatic leak detection, shut valves and automatic cabinet door opening systems
  • Integration with CannonGuard security and management systems
  • Graphic display of cabinet environment in CannonView
  • Building management system interface (dry relays)
  • Digital interface to Smoke / Fire / BMS system
  • Integrated fire suppressant system options
  • Side mount 200mm unit, 1000mm or 1200mm deep
  • Door mount 42U, 45U & 47U, 600mm, 800mm wide
  • Stand alone / through cabinet systems - either aisle to aisle or aisle to underfloor
  • 1" BSP hose connections to flexible hoses
  • Chilled water: 30 to 80 L/min, 10 - 14ºC, 0.4Bar @ 60L, 6mm condensate hose connection
  • Pre set internal temperature, alarms both local and SNMP


Varifan (Remotely Monitored) 

Low power high efficiency closed loop fan systemCannonEnvironmental - Varifan

An integrated fan controller and fan tray for indoor enclosures:

  • Removes 4Kw of heat through the roof of a 19-inch rack cabinet
  • Super quiet high capacity PWM fans
  • LED/LCD status display showing the fans running & over temperature alarms built into the cabinet roof
  • Audible and remote alarm function
  • The Varifan includes automatic fan fail and temperature compensation


  • LED/LCD status display shows the fans running & any over temperature conditions (45ºC)
  • Fan units used are PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) for high efficiency and low power consumption and may be set to alter speed at whatever temperature is desired


Available in two options:Cannon Varifan - 155E - Underside

  • Roof mounted fans with external 1U 19-inch mounted status panel/control unit
  • Roof mounted fans with integrated roof mounted status panel, Zero U solution!
  • 4 and 6 fan systems available in both mounts



  • 6 PWM fans, 48Vdc, 600Cfm total airflow
  • 2 x Temperature sensors with closed loop stepless PID control
  • 'Fuzzy logic' anti hunting control
  • Remote monitoring and SNMP alarms via CannonGuard/CannonView
  • Fan fail audio alarm with remote reset, 'Dry' alarm relays x 2 (1A 30Vdc)
  • 70dB audible alarm
  • N+1 fan fail redundancy, automatic temperature control.


  • Net/IP module or 'Master Controller' for remote monitoring
  • TheVarifan has 2 x RJ45 RS485 sockets provided to allow for easy daisy chaining of the system when integrated with a CannonGuard data bus


90-264Vac 100W PSU included, IEC C14 mains inlet


Order Codes


CannonGuard Module Description Order Code
Varifan, Zero U -  6 Fan Integrated - 1000mm Roof Mounted 6 Fans and Roof Status Panel - 1000mm Deep ServerSmart Cab 675E01520601
Varifan, Zero U -  6 Fan Integrated - 800mm Roof Mounted 6 Fans and Roof Status Panel - 800mm Deep Smart/ServerSmart Cab 675E01520602
Varifan, Zero U -  4 Fan Integrated - 800mm Roof Mounted 4 Fans and Roof Status Panel - 800mm Deep Smart/ServerSmart Cab 675E01520603
Varifan -  6 Fan, 1U Chassis - Smart Net Roof Mounted 6 Fans and 1U Control Unit for Smart Net Cabinet Only

155E01601536* 155E01601556**


*Single PSU

**Dual PSU

6 Fan Controller
High Capacity Environmental Control Module

  • High capacity variable speed 6 fan controller for both indoor and outdoor cabinets
  • Also controls heaters and air conditioners / chillers coolers and motorised dampers with 4 off volt free relays (8A, 250Vac).
  • PWM high efficiency fans, up to 2A per fan @ 48Vdc. Variable PID closed control loop.
  • Digital I/O (4I 4O) for connection of smoke alarms, blocked filter, water, fire sensors etc.


  • 6 PWM outputs, 4800Cf/m total airflow
  • 2 x Temperature probe inputs
  • 1 x Humidity probe input 
  • 4 x Dry 'motor / heater' relays C/O (8A, 250Vac)
  • 5 x Dry relays 'alarm' C/O (1A, 30Vdc)
  • Alarms - dry contacts and SNMP over CannonGuard and CannonView

Where remote control and monitoring is required or to adjust the PID loop parameters a Net/IP or Master controller is required.
When this is required on an 'ad hoc' basis a 'Field kit' is available comprising a Net/IP card, various sensors and a PSU.


Order Codes 

Module Description Order Code
6 Fan Controller 6 Fan Control Unit, No PSU 405E-6FAN-01
Field Kit Network/IP, PSU, 2 x Temp, Humidity, Cable, CannonView CD, Casing 405E-FIELDKIT



Sensor HubCannon SensorHub

Provides multiple monitoring options:

  • 24 user configurable inputs that may monitor any of the following:
    • Temperature sensors
    • Humidity sensors
    • Smoke detectors
    • Water sensors
    • Vibration sensors
    • Door and side panel switches
    • Digital contacts, either N/C or N/O
    • In any mix of sensors
  • Has alarms & thresholds that may be output as SNMP or alarm relay outputs
  • Fits in a Smart Cab/ServerSmart Cab roof or a 1U 'Master controller' chassis

Connects To

  • Each CannonGuard module has 2 x RJ45 sockets on it to allow easy daisy chaining of the RS485 bus

To set any parameters and view any of the data from the sensor hub a Net/IP or Master controller is required and CannonView used to connect to the system.


Order Codes 

Module Description Order Code
Sensor Hub (Roof or Chassis) 24 Port Sensor Hub & Cables 405E-SHUB-01
Smoke Detector Smoke Detector, Base & Cables 405E-SMOK-01
Temperature Sensor Temperature Sensor (1.5m Cable) EC913
Humidity Sensor Humidity Sensor EA9052



Rack Monitor / Master Controller

(Aka Network Interface Card)

The Net/IP module is positioned anywhere within a rack, communicating with any other CannonGuard modules in the row of cabinets and monitoring the environmental conditions within that rack or adjacent racks.

When sub modules are connected to it, it becomes a Master Controller. All of the CannonGuard modules interface with the Master Controller, which will monitor all of the configured alarm outputs forwarding them to a remote monitoring station via SNMP protocol.



  • Provides the facility to connect and locally monitor two temperature sensors, a vibration sensor and a humidity sensor, which can be used to raise a remote alarm via the SNMP protocol when the environmental conditions exceed the preset boundaries
  • 8 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs for the interconnection; control and monitoring of other equipment
    e. g. air conditioning, fire detection and UPS systems or similar items




  • IP Address (any values whatever)
  • Subnet mask (this is required to enable CannonGuard to communicate securely within your own network)
  • Default gateway - Internet gateway
  • 4 x SNMP trap IP destinations
  • 2 x Temperature sensor inputs
  • 1 x Humidity sensor input
  • 1 x Vibration sensor input
  • 8 x Digital inputs
  • 8 x Digital outputs
  • 4 x Change over 'dry' relay outputs (1A @ 30Vdc)
  • 1000 Event FIFO (First In, First Out) event history
  • Audible buzzer (approx 70dB)
  • Roof mounting (zero 'U') to Smart Cab
  • 19-inch mounting (1U high x 19 inch wide x 250mm deep)


  • CannonView software for remote management
  • Network connection - 100 FULL


Connects With

The Net/IP / Rack Monitor / Master Controller has been designed to be used as the gateway to a suite of Cannon modules and as such provides full remote access to up to 254 control modules in any such system.

The Master Controller is designed to be connected to any standard Ethernet switch, (10/100Base-TX, 100 FULL) using a cat 5 patch lead, for direct connection to PC / NIC use a crossover lead.

The Controller is assigned a static, user configurable IP address which, enables the user to access the installation from anywhere in the world via the standardTCP/IP protocol using the CannonView software.
Each Controller is fitted with two RS485 - RJ45 connectors to allow easy daisy chaining of other CannonGuard modules.



Supplied with integral AC/DC power supply (90 - 264Vac)
Dual power supply options available.



Order Codes 

Module Description Order Code
Network Interface Module/Master Controller Secure, Zero U, Roof Mounted, with PSU (Smart / ServerSmart Cab) 405E-NETI-01
Master Controller 1U Chassis Mount with PSU 405E01602105
Rack Monitor 1U "Rack Monitor" - Net/IP, PSU, 2 x Temperature & 1 x Humidity Sensor 405E016021T2H1
Integrated Master / Lock Net/IP & 8 Lock Module / Keypad Hub in 1U Chassis with PSU 405E016022100


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