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Designed to keep an eye on the things you can't 

The security of IT equipment is a major factor in today's world with sensitive data being stored and handled away from the public eye.

The CannonAudioVideo packages offer a highly visual security solution, that can be tailored to suit your facilities requirements.



Overt SurveillanceCannon AudioVisual

  • Web cams,AV equipment and intruder devices are available which can be monitored and linked into CannonGuard and CannonView
  • Full tilt, zoom and pan functions are available as well as integration with outside equipment 
  • When alarms are raised by the system, real time AV can 'pop up' on your CannonView screen and/or be sent to a mobile phone
  • The ability to communicate with personnel on site via the Audio link is available - as well as a 2 way AV link
    with the site if required
  • Overt - highly visible cameras are often a useful deterrent that helps enhance the security of any site or data room, adding covert cameras as well as the overt ones can help ensure peace of mind


Covert Surveillance

  • Where required, both indoor and outdoor enclosures can have covert camera equipment installed, these can just be small 'bullet' cams, roof mounted, or pinhole cameras hidden in other equipment
  • Installation of a pinhole type camera is available into any of the CannonGuard modules, in a roof void, in a smoke alarm or PIR device or on a door if required
  • Dummy 'pinholes' can be incorporated into the equipment as well so as to make detection harder
  • Upon an event occurring the software can be set to force a 'pop up' on your CannonView screen or SNMP trap screen to alert you to the intrusion
  • Door switches, PIR detectors, and 'hot spot' video detection can all be used to trigger silent alarms and record the video
  • Both black & white and colour cameras can be multiplexed
  • DVR recorders and video switches may be set to auto sequence or be remotely controlled by your N.O.C


For obvious reasons we do not publish pictures of our Covert devices.

Recording, alarms etcCannonAudio/Video

  • When an access event occurs you can configure the system to take stills or record high quality AV for a pre-set time
  • Door switches and PIR devices can trigger the AV to record or 'tag' the recorded data with the event
  • The AV stream can be recorded on site / remotely or both
  • You may also set perimeter 'zones' on the AV set-up screen to record only when motion occurs in an area of it (hot spots)
  • Cameras can be AV / IP and even wireless, there is no limit to how many can be fitted
  • DVR recorders can also be AV or IP and have IP Network interfaces, various hard disk sizes and options are available



phone2 Surveillance and AV equipment is a fast moving marketplace, therefore please contact the Cannon Sales Team and our team of specialist engineers will provide a quotation based on your specific requirements.

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