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Broadcast Cabinets

The trusted Industry Standard from Cannon Technologies

Broadcast cabinets from Cannon Technologies have been designed specifically with the broadcasting and communications industries in mind. The open front allows easy access to equipment and ensures the cabinet has a smart aesthetic finish.

Cannon Broadcast Cabinet

Standard Specification

  • Available in 42U and 47U heights
  • 600mm wide
  • 800mm, 900mm and 1000mm deep
  • Four infinitely adjustable 19-inch mounting posts - double fixings throughout and double height depth members provide a robust structure
  • 19-inch mounting posts moved to give more cabling/Power Distribution Unit space at rear
  • Set back depth members (panel mount supports) increase the cabling space on each side of the cabinet at rear by 28mm giving an extra 56mm space in the back of a 600mm wide cabinet
  • Vented frame Steel door fitted at rear, supplied with swing-handle key lock
  • Door opens 180º when bayed and 270º at end of bay or when stand-alone
  • Door has Quick-Release hinges
  • Multiple moulded finger cable entry glands in roof
  • Front cover trims fitted with coloured strip. A variety of colours are available
  • Base designed for maximum cable entry and ease of cabling to cable tray with a minimum of cable goose-necking
  • Four transit castors fitted


Cannon Broadcast Cabinet - Set Back Depth Members

ABOVE: shows the depth members set back to give 28mm additional space in a 600mm wide cabinet (depth member is horizontal in the image).


Please note: Cannon Broadcast Cabinets are supplied without side panels and without a front door. For side panel options please see the "Accessories" Tab. Doors are not able to be fitted to the front of the cabinet due to the front cover trims.

Cannon Side Panel


Side Panels

  • Side panels locate easily into the cabinet and lock by the means of two identical locks
  • Same key used to unlock/lock door and side panels
  • Standard side panel and baffle side panels available
  • Cabinets are able to be bayed together with side panels attached



Cabinet Joining/Baying KitCabinet Joining / Baying Kit

Cannon Cabinet Joining/Baying kits offer a very simple solution where cabinets are required to be joined, or bayed together.

One joining kit will bay two cabinets together.



Cannon Smart Doors (rear access only)Cannon - Smart Perforated Door

  • Smart Doors are removable and lockable
  • Equipped with sprung hinges for easy removal with hinging to the left or right-hand side of the cabinet
  • 180° opening when bayed, 270° opening as stand alone and at end of bay
  • These doors allow personnel to exit past a cabinet in any direction at front, side or rear with no obstruction and with minimal danger of snagging loose clothing. These requirements are critical, particularly in an emergency, i.e. in smoke filled rooms, even with wide gangways.
  • Vented frame glass door
  • Vented frame steel door
  • MaxiVent Plus perforated door (Shown in the image on the right)


Supplied: Individually



Cannon Broadcast Cabinet

Cannon Smart Trims

Self adhesive colour strips which affix directly to the front door of any Cannon cabinet.

  • Full length (trim to length)
  • Fitted to left and right frame of door
  • 7 to 8mm wide
  • Self adhesive peel off backing

Smart Trim available in a variety of colours:

  • Blue (RAL 5015)
  • Green (RAL 6024)
  • Red  (RAL 3020)
  • Yellow (RAL 1018)
  • Purple (RAL 4005)

RIGHT: Smart Trim in Blue

Download the Smart Trim Product Sheet here

Cannon Broadcast Cabinet - Cables

Technical Details

Applicable standards

Manufactured (where applicable) to:

  • BS.EN60950 2002
  • IEC 60297
  • EIA-310-D, UL94V0

Load rating

1000kg static (sited directly on floor) / 450Kg dynamic load rating.




"U" Height

Overall Height (mm)

Overall Height (mm) on Castors/Feet









Cabinet Width

Overall Width







Cabinet Depth

Overall (External) Depth








Please note: Each Broadcast Cabinet is fitted with a Steel Rear Door as standard. The door is 45mm deep adding 45mm to the overall external depth of the cabinet.

"U" Height Calculation: 1U = 44.45mm

Order Codes

Cannon Broadcast Cabinet
Broadcast Cabinets

600mm Wide x 800mm Deep

Height Order Code
42U CABC426080
47U CABC476080


600mm Wide x 900mm Deep

Height Order Code
42U CABC426090
47U CABC476090


600mm Wide x 1000mm Deep

Height Order Code
42U CABC426099
47U CABC476099


Side Panels

Side Panel - 800mm Deep

Description Order Code - Standard Side Order Code - Baffle Side
42U x 800mm Deep 217C00008042 218C00008042
47U x 800mm Deep 217C00008047 218C00008047


Side Panel - 900mm Deep

Description Order Code - Standard Side Order Code - Baffle Side
42U x 900mm Deep 217C00009042 218C00009042
47U x 900mm Deep 217C00009047 218C00009047


Side Panel - 1000mm Deep

Description Order Code - Standard Side Order Code - Baffle Side
42U x 1000mm Deep 217C00009942 218C00009942
47U x 1000mm Deep 217C00009947 218C00009947



Baying Kits

Description Order Code
For use with Standard Side Panels KP0236
For use with Baffle Side Panels KP0007


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Doors - 600mm Wide

Description Order Code - Glass Door Order Code - Steel Door Order Code - Perforated Door
42U 235B85600042 235B65600042 235B95600042
47U 235B85600047 235B65600047 235B95600047



Smart Trim

Description Order Code
Blue - RAL 5015 NR051
Green - RAL 6024 NR052
Yellow - RAL 1018 NR054
Red - RAL 3020 NR053
Purple - RAL 4005 NR058


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