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Aisle Cocooning

The Cannon Aisle Cocooning system provides segregation of cold aisle air flow from hot aisle exhaust air in Data Centres. By preventing the contamination of cold air by hot air, the full effect of this cooling resource is available to servers and other power hungry equipment contained in "IT" enclosures, ensuring effective cooling, servers mounted at the upper levels of a cabinet are particularly prone to overheating due to the combined effects of:

  • Upwards heat convection and radiation, from equipment below.
  • Heat gradient up the vertical height of the computer room.
  • But in particular undesirable air re circulation, In which hot exhaust air is pulled to the front of the enclosure, reentering the server with damaging effect.

Aisle Cocooning, usually of the cold aisle, dramatically lowers the cold air temperature available to the servers by preventing contamination of the old air by hot/exhaust air. This protects equipment against damage, prolongs equipment life, reduces load on the computer room air conditioning and saves energy, reducing carbon footprint.


Aisle Cocooning Features and Benefits

  • Segregated cold aisle air flow from hot aisle air flow
  • Maximises cooling effect of cold aisle
  • Reduces workload of computer room air conditioning
  • Reduces energy cost
  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • Passive cocooning versions
  • Active cocooning versions with automated roof panel opening for instances of fire/smoke
  • Totally integrated with cabinet infrastructure
  • Not connected to the building
  • Can be quickly installed
  • Easily relocated
  • Cannon Guard remote management upgrades
  • Can be retrofitted to existing bays of enclosures with the use of customising kits
  • Within aisle lighting upgrades


  • Fully compatible with Cannon Smart Cab range
  • Modular overhead cocooning panels, with quick-fit mounting pins
  • High transparency poly carbonate glazing in panels
  • Standard aisle widths available
  • Cocooning panels to match cabinets widths (600mm,700mm and 800mm)
  • Alternate cocooning panel widths available
  • Self closing sliding aisle end doors
  • Half glazed end doors for increased damage resistance
  • Remote temperature monitoring of various aisle points using Cannon Guard (Optional Upgrade)
  • Active Cocooning panels opened by electronic actuators for gas/fog/sprinkler water ingress in the event of fire/smoke
  • Will fit any cabinet size
  • Can be extended to form a complete Cannon T4 Data Centre Pod for disaster recovery development or temporary use

How does it work?

The Aisle Cocooning concept is technically elegant. Stated simply, all significant air pathways from the hot aisle to the cold aisle are blocked. The Cannon Aisle Cocooning solution provides a system o overhead aisle panels and aisle end doors which effectively seal off, usually the cold aisle. This ensures that the cold air emitted from the floor is sealed in a cocoon and therefore unaffected by hot exhaust air. The cooling air can only exit through the equipment for which it is intended.


  • A fully integrated infrastructure, end to end compliant.
  • Overhead,modular panels of quick-fit design to cocoon the aisle (usually the cold aisle)
  • Ideally panel widths match the widths of the supporting cabinets providing matched modules(these can be mixed widths if required) i.e. 600mm,700mm or 800mm wide cabinets and panels.
  • The cocooning panels can be mounted to non-matching cabinets widths, if required, by installing an adjustable edge beam (customising kit)
  • Active system upgrades to provide automatic panel opening, to allow gas suppressant or water from sprinklers to pass-through in case of fire/smoke (avoids the need to modify and extend room sprinklers)
  • Panel options: transparent or opaque poly carbonate
  • Panel mounting height options, to suit aisle widths
  • Within-aisle lighting upgrades to supplement or replace room lighting
  • Sliding Aisle end door may be specified to "auto close" when not manually held open, to instantly preserve cocooning.
  • Cannon Aisle Cocooning is compatible with all Cannon enclosures.
  • Cannon Aisle Cocooning is compatible with Cannon overhead raceway.
  • Special adaptor kits can be provided where non-Cannon enclosures are required to be included in Cannon enclosure bays with Aisle Cocooning.