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Air Management SolutionsCannon Air Management Solutions

Suitable for use with any ServerSmart, Smart Cab, or Smart Net cabinets

The Challenge

Even a fully populated cabinet can lose in the region of 50% of cooling air through escape routes which are outside the perimeter of the 19-inch equipment field. This causes massive wastage of cooling energy, increasing carbon footprint and reduces the cooling effect of the Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC).

The Solution

Cannon's Air Management solutions effectively closes these escape routes ensuring that cooling air flows only through the active equipment present in the cabinet. Significant energy savings can be achieved and the CRAC will be less stressed, improving efficiency.

The Air Management range includes: 

  • Brush Gland For RAFts
  • Cabinet Base Plates
  • AIR-LOKK Floor Gland/Grommet
  • Infill Panel Mouldings
  • Blank Panels


For further information please download the Cannon Air Management Solutions PDF or click on one of the products listed above.

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Cannon - TecSpur AIR-LOKK Floor Gland (Issue1)
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Download the full Cannon Air Management Solutions brochure here

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