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A variety of locking options are avilable for Cannon cabinets, or for retro-fitting onto existing cabinets.

Download the Locks Product Sheet here

Swing Handle LockCannon Swing Handle Lock

A new concept in swing handle locks which stylishly incorporates the innovative Cannon Dual-Mode Lock which is a standard fitment to Cannon cabinets.

The pivoting lock cover can be secretly screw retained to prevent unauthorised access to the key-lock or it can be wire/lead sealed.


Please see below for a variety of lock options.


Mechanical Lock

  • Non-locking: Swing handle with dummy euro lock cylinder fitted

  • Dedicated Key Locking: Swing handle with customer specific key access

  • Swing handle will accommodate euro cylinder locks with rotary or linear latch movement

  • Combination Lock: Swing handle with mechanical rotary entry code, with or without key override

Cannon Dual-Mode Euro Lock Cylinder

Cannon Snap-Lock Mode

Instant selection of "Snap-Lock" or "Non-Lock" settings:

  • Snap-Lock Mode: Lock set in 6 o'clock position with key removed allows an open handle to be snapped shut and locked at any time without further use of the key
  • Non-Lock Mode: Lock set in 12 o'clock position with key removed allows the handle to freely open and close the door without being locked or the key being required

Order Codes 


Order Code

Standard Swing Handle (Each)


Unique Numbered Lock Barrells (Pair)


Cannon Combi-Lok

Cannon COMBi-LOK

The Cannon COMBi-LOK provides selectable mechanical push-button code entry with unique key over-ride.

  • Enables each client to have controlled access to specific enclosures, maintaining maximum integrity and security
  • Entry codes can consist of 1 to 10 digits


Cannon Combi-Lok Master Key

The COMBi-LOK Master Key facility allows the re-setting of forgotten codes as well as emergency access for Data Center management.

Please note - sale of Master Keys are restricted.


Order Codes


Order Code

Cannon COMBi-LOK (Each)


Cannon COMBi-LOK Master Key


For 2-point and 3-point locking please contact the Cannon Sales Team.


Swing Handle Combination Lock

Cannon Swing Handle Combination Lock

  • Swing handle fitted with a 'safe-type' dial-up deadlock

  • A rotary combination lock with unique 3 number entry

  • Lock activates internal swing handle mechanism

  • Can be used with or without key override

Please note that this lock does not fit the standard swing handle lock cut out on Cannon doors. Please contact the Cannon Sales Team who will be able to provide a quotation for correct door / lock cut out with this lock.


Order Codes


Order Code

Swing Handle Combination Lock



Electronic Lock:
Multi-Function Key-pad

Electronic Lock with or without integrated Keypad and LCD 'walk by' display

  • Swing handle set in stylish escutcheon with electronic keypad entry and mechanical key override

  • Cool blue LCD readout shows:

    • Cabinet Location

    • Temperature 

    • Power used inside the cabinet

  • Large, robust, 'touch' Keypad

  • Available in stand alone, dual and networked versions:

Single Keypad / dual lock:

One Keypad/Lock and one rear door 'E' lock kit

Dual Keypad / dual lock:

Two Keypad/locks and cables to suit 2 doors

Both include:

  • PSU

  • Cables

  • Switches

  • Connectors

  • Brackets to convert a cabinet to an electronically locked one

For remote unlocking/Network version see 'CannonGuard/CannonSecure'

Electronic Lock (without Keypad):

  • Swing handle with remote electronic lock operation with or without key override

  • Allows the use of 3rd party lock controllers with the Cannon 'E' Swing handle

  • Includes door and handle switches and all cables/connectors to convert one door

Remote Locking:

Remote locking of the electronic swing handle locks, with or without keypads for local access, is available as part of the CannonSecure suite of modules.

The multi-function keypad allows Security Access Control as well as Environmental and Power Monitoring.

CannonSecure provides real-time Monitoring and Management for access control, allowing or denying entry to any door and the setting of entry codes locally or remotely via the CannonView software.

All locking options are available as single or 3-point locking.

See CannonGuard section for more detailed information on Keypad Locking.

Order Codes



Order Code

Single Keypad, Dual Lock Kit

Keypad/Lock and slave lock, PSU, door switch and cables


Double Keypad 'E' Lock Kit

2 x Keypad/Locks, PSU & cables


Electronic lock kit. Stand Alone

E' lock, door switch, connectors and cables to convert 1 door.


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